COVID Cases Increase Nearly 10% in Illinois


COVID-19 cases have risen nearly 10% in Illinois over the past seven days. The state’s new daily case average is around 1,272, according to the data from the Illinois Department of Public Health. These numbers represent probable and confirmed cases. Over a week ago the daily cases were averaging 1,157. On April 4, 2022, Illinois […]

COVID-19 Disparities Disproportionately Impact Black Chicagoans


Black communities have been disproportionately Impacted in everything from housing to employment. The COVID-19 pandemic exasperated disparities more than any other. Roughly 52% of COVID deaths in January 2022 were Black Chicagoans. Faith and community leaders say the disparity seen in their neighborhoods reflects decades of disinvestment, according to CBS News. The Greater Auburn-Gresham Development […]

COVID-19 Cases Are on the Rise in Illinois


Over the past week, Chicago and the state of Illinois have seen a 20% rise in COVID-19 cases. For several months, these cases had dropped. However, the Delta Variant surge over the summertime caused an increase in cases. The Illinois Department of Public Health has released data showing 2,561 new COVID-19 cases each day over […]

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