CDC Says Unvaccinated Are 11 Times Likely to Die From COVID-19


A recent study shows that unvaccinated individuals are 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19. On Friday, Sept. 10, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced the study’s results. Researchers gathered data from 13 jurisdictions and over 600,000 individuals to collect this data. The study also showed that unvaccinated citizens are over 10 […]

Vaccine Skeptic Missourian Dies of COVID-19


A Missouri man died shortly after contracting COVID-19; he was in his 40s. One of his nurses recalls that he tearfully said he was sorry for not getting vaccinated before he passed away, according to The Kansas City Star on July 2, 2021. Information about his death was posted on CoxHealth’s Facebook page on Wednesday, […]

There Are More Reasons to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Than Not [Update]


Whether a person is 12 or 102, receiving a COVID-19 vaccination should be on everyone’s priority to-do list, as in, it needs to be done today. A primary reason to be vaccinated is because of the COVID-19 variants. The Delta variant is particularly a matter of concern. Everyone needs to be vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2, […]

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